Harrogate Car Body Repair Centre

Cosmetic Vehicle Repair Specialists

Our Repair Centre allows us to carry out more complex repair jobs.

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Bumped the car? Panel Damage? Vandal Scratches? Our Harrogate Repair Centre can bring your vehicle back to its showroom shine in no time!

How It Works

Harrogate Repair Centre

Our Repair centre based in Harrogate allows us to carry out more complex repair jobs including:

  • Full Wheel colour changes
  • Minor Crash Repairs
  • Panel Damage
  • All SMART repairs

Sprayteq  are specialists in car cosmetics. All of our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured. Our team are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of our services.

Our Repair Centre is open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm , however we can work out of these hours at request.

Cheaper than your insurance excess!

If you have had a minor bump or accident give us a call for a quote, we can probably repair the damage for less than your insurance excess.

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What We Do

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Kurbed or scuffed alloys can make even the most special vehicle look mistreated. Our professional alloy wheel refurbishment service can restore wheels to their original condition and can greatly increase the value of your car. The damage is sanded smooth; fillers are used if necessary, before the area is prepared for painting and finished with a high quality 2K lacquer in either matt, satin or high gloss finish.

We can also provide SMART repairs to diamond cut/polished metal 2 tone alloy wheels. The finish is not OEM factory but is almost undetectable once back on the car.

Bumper Repairs

Modern bumpers and other colour coded trims are easily repaired. Splits or cracks are plastic welded. The paint damage is filled, primed and resprayed, blending the repair into the rest of the bumper.

Textured, un-painted plastic bumpers and trims can also be repaired. These are filled and primed, and then a texture spray which replicates the original finish is applied, before plastic paints are sprayed over the top.

Interior & Plastic Trim

Unsightly damage caused by accidents or even thieves, can be repaired rather than having to resort to expensive replacement parts. Holes or tears are filled using plastic filler gels then sanded down, textured and re-coloured. Our repairs can be carried out on most interior plastic trim. All repairs are strong virtually invisible and guaranteed to last.

Leather Repairs

We can repair general wear & tear, scuffs, holes even burns in leather interiors/upholstery.  Using specialist techniques mastered in leather tanneries, our technicians can work miracles.

Sprayteq leather repairs offer fantastic results, whether it be a classic car just showing its age or that new sports car with a cut or scratch. Special repair techniques and materials are used to repair minor tears and holes.

Panel Damage

Full panels can be repaired or replaced at our repair centre. The damage can be pulled and filled, primed and resprayed, using bodyshop quality products, painting only the damaged area and blending as far as necessary, to ensure your car remains as original as possible.

Scratch Repairs

Some scratches are more serious than others, that’s why we have various different methods for removing them. From simply polishing them out, to our fully licensed SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair, to a full panel respray.

Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR)

Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR) is the latest SMART repair paint system available today.

SSR is a simple scuff, scratch & chip repair system that will take care of around 70% of the minor paint damage picked up during every day driving. SSR paint can be applied on any panel including: bumpers, wings, bonnet, boot, side panels, roof, sills, spoilers around door handles and keyholes. It can repair small touch-ups to wide areas of damage. The repair process will retain the integrity of the original manufacturers paint warranty.

“I can’t believe the results. After damaging my pride and joy I thought a replacement bumper was the only way forward. Looks like new again..”

” What a service. Sprayteq arrived on time. 3 hours later my wheels were just like new again. What a service, I can’t recommend highly enough.”

“My lease car was due back and there were a few scratches and scuffs I had to resolve. Sprayteq sorted everything quickly and saved me a lots of money in charges from the lease hire company at the same time.”

“My scuffed seat is now like new! Not sure why I put it with it for so long. Much cheaper than I thought. Great price, great job. Thank you so much.”

Professional Repairs

All our repairs are carried out to the latest and highest standards and all work is guaranteed.