Been turned down by other companies? We love a challenge!

The latest allot wheel design technology can prove difficult for some bodyshops. We were contacted by a customer who had been turned down by 3 other bodyshops because they couldn’t match the colour.

We love a challenge at Sprayteq so we took this on and the results speak for themselves.

How we achieved the results

Here’s what we did…

First and foremost was to sort the colour.  By selecting a base colour the Goldish sparkle was then tinted by eye, As the colour turned out to be translucent we decided to use a Gloss Black base to help highlight the Gold sparkle. After a standard repair we primed, based, and applied the tinted colour before finishing with a high gloss lacquer. Job done!

At Sprayteq we are able to match most colours….

We run our own water base paint system and have over 10 years experience using it. Most cars and vehicles have a manufacturers paint code which then provides a formula for an exact colour match to the vehicle. However most Alloy Wheels do not have a code more variations of Silvers, Greys and Blacks. This is where our experience proves tenfold to matching the different wheels we repair.

“I can’t believe the results. After damaging my pride and joy I thought a replacement bumper was the only way forward. Looks like new again.”